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Impact Mentoring


What is Impact Mentoring? 

Impact Mentoring is a very powerful, proprietary and highly-effective personal and business mentoring and coaching system, created by Steve Bolton. 

It has been refined over 30 years to achieve breakthroughs in personal and professional performance and also enables mentoring partners to set and achieve bigger and better goals in the future.  

A variety of programmes and support options are possible but they all share one common theme; they all operate on a one-to-one basis. This ensures that the mentoring, inspiration and support you receive is customised and tailored exactly to your situation, your challenges and your goals. 

The core benefits of Impact Mentoring are:  

More Impact and More Profit in Less Time  

Topics addressed by Impact Mentoring programmes can cover a broad range of personal and professional topics but will be tailored to your individual circumstances. They typically include but are not limited to:

Business, Investing, Finance, Productivity, People, Health, Learning and Giving  

Impact Mentoring is designed specifically for:

High Net Worth Individuals, Influencers and Celebrities. 

Impact Mentoring is fast, highly-effective and focused on measurable results. It’s also inspiring, challenging and enjoyable. The programme has also been designed to have a positive impact in the six core human needs: 

Certainty, Variety, Recognition, Connection, Growth, Contribution  

How does Impact Mentoring work?

The Mentors 

>> A variety of one to one mentoring programmes, from one-off sessions to long term programmes, designed by Steve Bolton and supported by a team of highly experience and successful mentors and coaches 

The Process 

>> Suitability testing and fact find >> One-to-one mentoring sessions >> Monthly coaching calls >> Exclusive online community >> Monthly live webinar + much more 

The Objectives 

>> To help you achieve your goals >> Overcome barriers to success >> To boost your income / profits >> To provide the tools for lasting success in business and life 

Steve Bolton

About Steve

Steve Bolton left school at 16 with no qualifications, but went on to start multiple businesses with seven and eight-figure valuations. Through his businesses he has either directly or indirectly mentored and inspired more than 100,000 people.  

He owns stakes in businesses in the fields of residential and commercial property, franchising, marketing, mentoring and tech.

 He is also a very active philanthrophist with a long-term goal to help end homelessness in Britain.

 A father of four, keen boater and fisherman, Steve has also committed in his will to give away 51% of his wealth to good causes.

What they say about Steve

Kriss Akabusi

"Steve is one of my best and most trusted friends, mentors and advisors."

Kriss Akabusi MBE - motivational speaker and World Champion athlete

Tanya Franks

"Steve is a remarkable human being, an inspirational mentor and exceptional investor."

Tanya Franks - Actress, EastEnders and Broadchurch

Simon Woodruffe

"I trust this guy! When Steve speaks, you would be well advised to listen."

Simon Woodroffe OBE - Founder, YO! Sushi and Yotel

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