Steve Bolton is a leading British entrepreneur, franchisor and philanthropist. He is the Founder of one of the most successful franchised businesses in UK history, with franchise network assets worth more than £300 million and a growing eight figure company valuation.

But alongside his remarkable success, Steve has also had two very painful business failures, one of which resulted in him having to sell his family home in 2001 to avoid bankruptcy.

Steve is passionate about helping other people achieve greater wealth, health and happiness and he believes that the fast track to success is to “Stand on the Shoulders of Giants.”

Steve Bolton is one of the five most influential mentors in my life

Kriss Akabusi MBE, TV Celebrity and World Champion Athlete

Steve has been a brilliant Patron’s President for Peace One Day

Richard Reed CBE, Co-Founder, Innocent

Steve is an outstanding campaigner and communicator

Cherie Blair CBE QC, Omnia Strategy

 Steve was the first person I met to successfully franchise real-estate investing.

Michael Gerber, The E-Myth

Steve is a remarkable human being, close friend and exceptional mentor.

Tanya Franks, Actress – Eastenders, Broadchurch & Pulling

Steve Bolton is one of the leading entrepreneurs, investors and mentors in Europe.

Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International

I trust this guy!

Simon Woodroffe OBE, Founder, Yo Sushi

Steve’s company inspired and mentored me to achieve my full potential and transformed my financial situation.

Caroline Marsh, TV Secret Millionaire

Steve is one of my favourite friends and associates in Europe. He has remarkable, vision, integrity and drive.

Jay Abraham, The $9.4 Billion Man


“Franchising allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants and

be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”

Steve Bolton

Franchising is a tried, tested and profitable way to run a business. It embodies the core philosophy that Steve teaches, which is to “stand on the shoulders of giants.”

Successful franchisors like Steve and his team, have invested a great deal of time and money to create step by step training, mentoring and support systems to help ambitious individuals to start, build and grow their own successful businesses.

Unlike most “business opportunities”, franchising requires that financial claims can be evidenced with hard facts and financial accounts, as opposed to marketing hype.

With two award-winning and record-breaking franchised businesses under his belt, Steve is a passionate advocate of franchising and is often called “Mr Franchise”, within the industry.

He and his team are very well placed to help guide both aspiring franchisors and franchise partners (franchisees) on the viability and suitability of franchising or licensing as a way to start, grow or expand a successful and proven business concept.

Enquiries relating to franchising should be directed to stephanie@stevebolton.com

‘Steve and his team at Platinum Property Partners have helped us to build a successful and profitable business that provides us with a six figure annual income, a portfolio of assets worth just over £3 million and a lifestyle of our choosing. It’s the best business decision we have ever made.’

Paul and Carol Watson

Read more about the Platinum franchised businesses in the fields of

residential property investing and ecommerce respectively…


“Everyone should have a mentor.

It’s the difference, that makes the difference.”

Steve Bolton

Steve has spent the last three decades relentlessly refining the answer to this question…

“What is the difference, that makes the difference in personal, professional and financial success?”

What he discovered not only led him to achieve remarkable success in all areas of his own life but also enabled him to build businesses that have helped hundreds of other people also achieve their financial and lifestyle objectives

“Steve Bolton is one of the five most influential mentors in my life”

Kriss Akabusi MBE, TV Celebrity and World Champion Athlete

Steve and his team have systemised their unique and highly effective mentoring methodologies and scaled them through a variety of different businesses, all of which help other people to achieve greater wealth, health and happiness.

Steve occasionally provides one to one mentoring for celebrities and ultra high-net-worth individuals.

Enquiries relating to mentoring with Steve or through any of his businesses should be directed to stephanie@stevebolton.com 

‘Steve Bolton is a remarkable entrepreneur, leader and mentor. His numbers tell you a lot … £40 million+ in annual revenues…£300 million+ property portfolio…and thousands of raving fans! What they don’t show is that he’s achieved all this as a family man, Patrons President of Peace One Day and a warm and wise friend and mentor to many. If you get the chance to work with Steve or any of his companies, jump at it.’

Daniel Priestly, KPI, Dent Global and best selling business author


Risk comes from not knowing

what you are doing.” 

Warren Buffett

For more than two decades Steve has been successfully investing into a wide variety of businesses and property assets.  Any investment he and his Partners make focus on minimising risks, maximising returns and creating a positive social impact.  Currently Steve owns significant stakes in the following portfolio of assets:

Residential Property

Platinum Property Partners are the UK’s largest provider of high quality individual shared living homes, providing affordable accommodation for close to 6,000 key workers and working professionals in 1,000 properties.  The average return on capital that Steve and his Partners achieve is 15% per annum.

Commercial Property

Bourne Asset Management owns and manages prime commercial property assets within the greater Bournemouth area in Dorset.  The company owns assets with a gross development value of circa £100 million and achieves a minimum return on capital of 10% per annum.  Bourne owns hotels, serviced offices and high street retail premises.  The CEO, Richard Davies, is one of Steve’s closest friends and a long-standing business partner.


Platinum Business Partners is a British Franchise Association accredited franchise that helps both new and existing ecommerce business owners to increase sales and profits through online businesses.  Steve also owns equity stakes and has profit-shares in a variety of successful ecommerce businesses.

Digital Marketing

Bolt Digital is riding the wave of the digital revolution.  It helps celebrities, successful business owners and blue-chip clients shift from old-world marketing to the new world of integrated digital, social and PR, to both drive profits and build greater business value.  Steve is a major shareholder, Executive Director and mentor to the CEO, Natasha Courtenay-Smith.  Natasha is a digital thought-leader and uniquely endorsed to represent both Facebook and Google, as well as advising the UK government.

Social Enterprise

Pro Peace Ltd is a subsidiary of Peace One Day and Steve Bolton is the Founding Investor.  Pro Peace is developing a technology based application that promotes the goals of Peace One Day.

Wealth & Wellness

Wealth and Wellness Retreats are organised by Steve in partnership with Jason Vale and his team at Juicy Oasis in Portugal.  These exclusive invitation-only events combine healthy living with high quality networking and personal and business development activities for successful business owners and celebrities.


Active and passive investing opportunities for qualifying individuals are available from time to time through Steve and some of the various organisations mentioned above.  Further details or enquiries can be made by contacting stephanie@stevebolton.com


“Give More” is a key principle that Steve lives by and encourages others to do the same.  He and companies have created or donated millions in funding to charitable and not for profit causes.

Steve is a Life Patron and former Patron’s President for Peace One Day, which is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1999.  In 2001 due to the efforts of Peace One Day, the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September – Peace Day.  In 2016 alone an estimated 940 million people were aware of Peace Day and 16 million were estimated to have behaved more peacefully.  Peace One Day also holds the Guinness world record for the largest ever recorded reduction in violence on a single day.


Steve and Platinum Property Partners have also supported the King’s Kid orphanage in Uganda for more than a decade.  This financial support enabled them to buy land and build sleeping accommodation and classrooms, install a water well and buy farm land so they are able to grow some of their own food.  Teachers wages and medical supplies have also been funded.


“Awareness of Peace Day creates action, and that action saves lives”

Jude Law, Peace One Day Ambassador 

“Steve Bolton is one of my dearest friends, an amazing mentor and trusted adviser for Peace One Day and Pro Peace. I can’t imagine where we would be without Steve’s incredible support, energy and can-do attitude over the last decade.”

Jeremy Gilley, Founder, Peace One Day and Pro Peace


Steve is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Successful Property Investing.

His latest book, Successful Online Retailing, is now available on Amazon.

And his new book, Stand on the Shoulders of Giants, is due to be published in early 2018.